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Covid-19: First Person Histories


Though plagues and even pandemics were once common to human experience, it has been over 100 years since the last occurrence of an epidemic comparable in scale to the effects of Covid-19. That epidemic, the flu of 1918, took place in the midst of World War I and carried off millions, but is outside the memory of anyone alive today. Even if it weren't, the technologies, science, and expectations of the 21st century make our experience with Covid-19 a radically different encounter.

How, then, do we make sense of this time, either personally or historically or as it unfolds? With so many aspects of the world in upheaval, how to we find our bearings? And how will our experience of these events be understood by the generations that follow?

The Institute of Psychiatry has begun to compile a list of published first person accounts about life during the pandemic of Covid-19. Culled from a variety of media sources, these accounts reflect the experiences of writers, healthcare personnel, students, restaurant workers, travelers, and host of others around the world. We present them here as a collection of ad hoc oral histories.

As a field of study, oral history offers an invaluable method of gathering, preserving and interpreting the memories of those involved in major historic events. Practitioners note that is both the oldest type of historical inquiry (predating the written word), and one of the most modern. We hope that this collection will both assist current readers in making sense of this period of upheaval, and provide a resource for future scholars seeking to understand this changing time.

If you are familiar with published accounts that you believe should be added to this list, please contact to recommend the piece.

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